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Consultancy: Management Systems

External Representative
Temporary limited employment in man days per month or quarter
On the basis of our professional expertise, which we gather through more than 20 years professional experience in different companies locally and aboard, we are able to support our clients effective during the definition and establishment of a management system.
1.Establishment and maintenance of a management system documentation for quality, environment and/or occupational health & safety.
2.Realization of internal audits and the follow-up of corrective actions.
3.Support within data analyzes to define preventive actions.
4.Reporting regarding the effectiveness of the management system to top management.
5.Liasion and support of external auditors (clients or certification bodies).
6.Participation in optimization projects of special processes, like control of measurement devices, claim management, supplier evaluation and qualification, establishing of floor shop instructions according to regulation of harzard substances, company first aide and other processes.


according to project definitions
We are your contact partner and we will be available according to the definition in the preliminary defined project plan after timely fixing of concrete dates.
A normal project could be realized as following:
1.Actual investigation: internal audit, to get knowledge about the actual status within the company.
2.Common definition of project targets.
3.Establishment of a project plan, proposal, order
4.Realization of single activities, specially with integration of client members.
5.Check, verification of single project phases (mile stones).
6.Project closure

Temporary Manager

Timely limited employment in man days per week
As temporary manager we support our clients on the bases of a defined work load over a determined time frame, e.g. 2 days per week. During this time we look at all items in relation with the work task according to the contractual stipulations.
We are at your disposal for solving short term vacancies, larger projects as well as problems, which can not be managed with your usual ressources.