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Consultancy: OHS Expertise

Basic service plus additional service
for smallest organizations
We provide you a service which is focussing on your real needs, realized with view on the requirements of the OHS law and the stipulations of the professional associations taking into consideration your individual risk potential.
Our approach:
1.Identification of the necessary service according to the regulation and the contractual agrrement.
2.Identification of special objectives for the single years, which will be followed beside the repeatable tasks, like inspections, information of protection activities, hazard analyzes or reporting.
3.In addition we will serve your needs on the basis of individual ordering for e.g.:
3.1.Creation or modification of work places
3.2.Implementation or modification of work processes
3.3.Purchasing or modification of work means
3.4.Occupational accidents and notifiable occupational diseases

Regular service

for all other company sizes
performance of basic and additional services as well:
1.Participation at the meeting of OHS committee
2.Internal training of safety representatives
3.Promotion of a safety-conscious behaviour of all employees