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Auditing: 1st Party Audits

Internal Audits
Performance of your internal audits by a professional experienced, independant and realistic auditor.
Our approach:
1.Audit planing and preparation according to the definitions in your system, of course by using your forms.
2.Clear recording of all observations and improvement possibilities.
3.Common discussion on possible corrective actions.
4.Issuing of the audit report in a few days after the audit, often during 24 hours.
5.If requested, we verify also the corrections.

We train your staff.

Performance of process audits similar to the approaches of the automotive industry or comparable standards:
1.Definition of start points and targets of the investigation.
2.Analyze and verification of documents and establishing a process structure
3.Audit realization on the basis of a checklist, which covers all lifecycles of a product from engineering and process development, the material, the manufacturing processes up to the final product and the client servicing.
4.Issuing of a complete audit report.

Performance of product audits:
1.Verification of conformity of customer requirements with a final product, which will be taken preferentially out of the shipping area.
2.The quantity of the product samples and therefore the confidence level of the investigation will be defined with regard to the complexity and risk of the product.
3.The fundament of the inspection is a checklist, which specially covers the function and safety aspects taken out of clients view.
4.Discrepancies will be classified with regard to their meaning and accordingly weighted within the data analyzes.
5.Issuing of a complete audit report.

Performance of system audits for company groups
1.Audit scheduling in co-operation with the central unit. Target of the audit is the confirmation of compliance of central definitions and processes on multi-sites.
2.Preparation of a specific checklist.
3.Determination of local solutions to identify the single strong points and weaknesses.
4.Systematical recording of audit results and development of corrective and preventive actions on local and global level.
5.Issuing of a complete audit report.