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Auditing: 2nd Party Audits

Supplier Audits

Supplier audits complete the knowledge regarding the perfomance ability of suppliers. The focus of the on-site investigation is linked with the processes in relation to the purchased products.
During preparation data of following topics are taken into acount:
1.product related
1.1.delivered product quantities
1.2.product and process spezifications, inclusive approval documents, so far existing
1.3.capability proofs and/or quality nonconformances
1.5.other definitions
2.system related
2.1.defined requirements of suppliers by the client
2.2.quality agreements
2.3.Targets of supplier cooperation

The on-site audit follows a normal process and can be completed by supplemental product or process inspections.
1.After the audit we issue the audit report in a few days, often during 24 hours.
2.If requested, we verify also the corrections.