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Auditing: 3rd Party Audits

Certification Audits

Certification audits are systematical assessments of conformity of products, services, or systems against a reference standard performed by competent, independant third parties.
Certification bodies are commited to check, confirm and evaluate the competence of their auditors prior to their first missions and on a regular basis regarding their ongoing performance.
Our service as third party auditor will be performed only for those companies to which we have no other relation influencing our independence.
1.In case you will select us as your auditor, we will support you by getting an attractive certification proposal from one of the certification bodies, who are our cooperate partners.
2.The audit will be realized according to the definitions of the respective certification body according to international recognized rules.
3.We cooperate only with certification bodies, who are accredited by an international recognized accreditation body.
4.Beside the determination of conformity our audit target is to deliver an additional value, which allows you as client to say: That was an interesting audit with new food for thought.