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Analyzes: Employee Satisfaction

Independent Attitude Surveys
Our most valuable asset: our employees
But how satisfied are they with us as a company?
Are we as a company for them still interesting tomorrow?

More and more companies discover that they have to do more to be attractive on a long term for young, adolescent employees in times of declining birth rates. In addition to social services such as company kindergartens or flexible, family-oriented working time models attractive working conditions, a trustful working atmosphere and effective operations are the positive values of an organization.
Do you know whether your perception is matching with the actual view of your employees?

Our solution
1.As external engineering office for management systems with our know how in the field of applied statistic and modern media we provide you an independent frame for the collection and analyze of satisfaction data of your employees.
2.We provide you the possibility to place your questions on our server.
3.To cover the needs of the international markets the survey is provided in a bilingual form, English and in another language of your organization.

In addition
Your employees can participate on the survey with declaration of their personal data or anonymous. All questions are to be evaluated using a scale from 1 to 10.