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Analyzes: Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction Surveys per Internet
Customer survey of the engineering office

Our observation
1.A lot of organizations have no effective systems established to collect and analyze data of the satisfaction of their clients. In some cases no direct links to the final clients are existing.
2.Some clients, which would like to address their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, get the impression that their critics do not reach the relevant staff of the organization in each case, we call this phenomenon sales filter.
3.Beside the analyzes of existing data of an organization, like turnover, quantity of new clients with repeated orders, ratio of claims, etc., direct inputs of clients are very important for the development of an organization.

Our solution
1.As external engineering office for management systems with our know how in the field of applied statistic and modern media we provide you an independent frame for the collection and analyze of satisfaction data of your clients.
2.We provide you the possibility to place your questions on our server. You will get periodical (according to your wishes: monthly up to annually) reports regarding the feedback within the observed time frame as well as an annual certificate regarding the achieved level of client satisfaction.
3.To cover the needs of the international markets the survey is provided in a bilingual form, English and in the national language of your organization.

In addition
1.Your clients can participate on the survey with declaration of their personal data or anonymous. All questions are to be evaluated using a scale from 1 to 10. With respect to the achieving level of client satisfaction, which will be certified from us, we will consider responses in the area of 8 to 10 points.
2.To motivate your clients to participate on this survey in a none anonymous way, you can proclaim a tombola. Therefore we will provide you a random list of all none anonymous participants.